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Influenza Samples in Research

Banner The benefits of Human Influenza Samples for biomedical research

The benefits of Human Influenza Samples for biomedical research

Influenza biospecimens are essential for diagnostics and pharma industry


Plasma and serum samples from tested patients with flu play a key role in deepening our understanding of the virus. Central BioHub is eager to support these efforts with high-quality Influenza samples, that serve as essential tools for researchers by allowing them to study the specific immune responses triggered by the Influenza virus and aid the development of new treatment approaches and diagnostic tests.


Analysis of Influenza blood samples gives valuable insights


One of the key benefits of Influenza biospecimens from infected patients are their ability to provide a tangible representation of the body's immune reaction to the virus. By studying biomolecular components within blood samples such as antibodies and cytokines, researchers can gain valuable insights into the mechanisms of the virus and its interaction with the human immune system. Our well-described human Influenza samples from donors around the globe were previously tested for the presence of anti-viral antibodies and various other lab parameters, that can be accessed directly on our website. This allows researchers to find just the right sample which will help them in the process of developing more effective treatment strategies and vaccines.


Moreover, these thoroughly tested biospecimens are instrumental for the validation and improvement of diagnostic assays. Scientists can refine and validate diagnostic methods with human Influenza A/B samples to increase the accuracy and efficacy of tests used to identify and differentiate Influenza strains. These efforts help to establish early and precise virus detection methods and are crucial for monitoring the spreading of new variants.


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  • Anti-Influenza A/B (IgG/IgM/RNA)
  • Matrix: Plasma, Serum, Swabs
  • Test Method: ELISA, RT-PCR

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Samples from patients who got infected with the Influenza virus provide researchers a comprehensive understanding of the immune responses elicited by the virus. This knowledge is key to develop vaccines that can effectively target and neutralize the Influenza virus and its various strains.
Influenza biospecimens contain components such as antibodies and cytokines that play a pivotal role in untangling the complex interaction between the virus and the human immune system. Analyzing these components aids in identifying potential therapeutic targets and refining diagnostic tools.
Through the analysis of Influenza samples from patients worldwide, scientists can improve the sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic assays, which in turn allows a rapid, accurate identification of new subtypes and the comparison with existing Influenza strains.