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Other Cell Types

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Our "Other Cell Types" category offers a unique array of cells, pivotal for various experimental and production applications. We offer Cord Blood Cells, enriched with CD34+ stem cells, which are a cornerstone for research in regenerative medicine and beyond.

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Understanding Stem Cells

Stem cells are the foundation of all tissues and organs in the body. These unique cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types, from muscle cells to brain cells. Under certain conditions, they can also repair damaged tissues, making them invaluable in medical research and treatment. Central BioHub's marketplace provides researchers with access to high-quality stem cell samples, enabling advancements in areas such as disease modeling, drug testing, and cellular therapies.

Cord Blood Cells

One of the most sought-after specimens under our "Other Cell Types" category is the Cord Blood Cells. These cells are rich in CD34+ stem cells, which play a pivotal role in hematopoiesis - the process of creating new blood cells. These stem cells are crucial for research in blood disorders, immune system conditions, and developing advanced treatments such as bone marrow transplants. Our cord blood specimens are collected under strict ethical conditions, ensuring the highest viability to facilitate cutting-edge research.

Detailed Sample Information

We provide detailed sample information to ensure researchers can select the most suitable specimens for their needs. Each sample is accompanied by comprehensive data, including cell count, viability, and donor information, allowing for rigorous and reproducible research outcomes.

How Central BioHub Supports Your Research Goals

Central BioHub is committed to supporting the scientific community by providing easy access to a wide variety of human biospecimens through our user-friendly online marketplace. We ensure the ethical sourcing of all samples, and adherence to stringent regulatory standards.

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Our significant focus is on Cord Blood Cells, which are rich in CD34+ stem cells, ideal for haematological research and therapeutic applications.
Yes, detailed sample information is provided for each specimen, including specifics about cell type, cell count, donor demographics, and more. This data helps researchers determine the suitability of each sample for their specific research needs.
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