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Patient samples or disease state biospecimens are any substance originating from persons diagnosed with a disease. They are collected as part of patient care for diagnosis, treatment, therapeutic monitoring and disease screening. Common patient samples include but are not limited to human blood, serum, plasma, urine, tissues, and cerebrospinal fluids. They help the clinicians to understand the exact nature and disease progression and allow physicians to follow the evidence-based clinical practice. Therefore, in modern medical practice, reports from clinical laboratories act as a vital determinant for clinical decision making and treatment.

On the flip side, clinical samples  are any biological samples from the clinical trial subjects during the clinical trial course. Studies on clinical samples are a must requirement as it aids in assessing the study subjects' response to the investigational new drug, device or process. In short, clinical samples play a pivotal role in the success of clinical research.


Biobanking of patient samples

For centuries, scientists have made use of patient samples to learn more about human disease and its pathophysiology. Patient samples serve as an aisle to the human genome and guide ground-breaking future medical discoveries by connecting people to research. At the same time, many of the precious human biological specimens are not reaching the researcher community, as they are all discarded after clinical reporting. This is because existing clinical testing laboratories lack the facilities and ethically approved procedures for patient samples or patient biological samples retention. Besides, the greater cost of biobanking human bio specimens is a major barrier to archiving these samples.

Leftover patient specimens after diagnosis are surplus to biomedical research. Of course, the life science industry is growing. We have several well-established, state-of-the-art biorepositories that deal with archiving Left over patient samples for research. These biobanks connect with a network of routing testing laboratories to bring patient samples together to progress in-vitro studies.

Biobanking of human biospecimens is a well-coordinated procedure. Remnant samples are acquired from labs after testing. It is followed by storing at a temperature control cryogenic unit in compliance with IRB protocols, human biobanking guidelines and declaration of Helsinki and Taipei. Biobanks allow global researchers to procure patient samples for research fast, easy and compliant.


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Patient samples are the substance collected from patients mainly to diagnose or treat diseases. It includes blood, tissues, cells, urine or other body fluid collected during a clinical procedure, diagnostic testing or surgery.
Patient sample archiving is the process of retaining or storing the patient samples and associated data for future clinical audits or research with regular tracking.
Biological samples collected from consented patients or leftover patient samples after diagnosis are stored at certified human biobanks for research.
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