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Central BioHub is transforming the landscape of biomedical research and innovation. As a leader in the human biospecimen marketplace, we offer an unmatched online platform that connects researchers and scientists globally with millions of high-quality human biospecimens. Established in 2017 by a passionate team of scientific innovators, Central BioHub has pioneered the online biospecimen revolution, making it simpler and quicker than ever to acquire biospecimens for research.

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Discover an Extensive Range of Human Biospecimens

Our vast inventory is meticulously curated to meet the diverse needs of the scientific community. We provide:

Effortless Procurement Process

Central BioHub has revolutionized the biospecimen procurement process, reducing acquisition times from months to mere minutes. Here's how:

  1. Advanced Search Options: Easily navigate our extensive inventory by using advanced search features. Filter your search by clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters to quickly find the biospecimens that meet your exact research needs.

  2. Simple Selection and Checkout: Once you've found your required biospecimens, add them to your cart with a click. Our streamlined checkout process ensures a smooth transition from selection to payment, getting your specimens on their way to you without delay.

  3. Expert Support Available: Any questions or need assistance? Our dedicated team is always ready to support your research needs, ensuring a seamless procurement experience.

Order with Ease, Discover with Confidence

Central BioHub invites you to join the biospecimen revolution. With our innovative platform, the procurement of human biospecimens for research is not just faster but more efficient and user-friendly. Whether you're seeking common samples or the rarest specimens, our inventory is equipped to fuel your research ambitions.

Dive into Central BioHub Today - Experience the future of biospecimen procurement and propel your research to new heights with access to our global inventory like never before.

Simply type in a keyword in the search bar above. The keyword can be a diagnosis, an ICD-10 code, a laboratory parameter or the matrix type you are looking for. For a more detailed search, we recommend using the Expert Search feature.
Use the grey highlighted menu on the left side to define your search. Enlarge the main filter categories by clicking the plus icon (+). Several filters can be applied at the same time. You can save any search in your customer account by selecting “Save Filters”. While the Direct Search has limited filter options, you can experience our full set of filters in the Expert Search.
You can easily add samples to your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon next to your desired sample. Once you added all your samples to your shopping cart, you can reserve or request a quote for these samples by going to the Cart and then using the “Reserve Your Samples” or “Generate a Quote” button. Please remember to type in your shipping and billing address details. Changes in existing reservations and quotations can easily be done by our customer support team. Please feel free to contact us via email at, LiveChat or phone.
Once you have selected all your biospecimens by clicking on the green cart icons next to the samples, go to “Cart” and review your sample selection. If everything looks fine, please click “Proceed to Checkout” to complete the order process. Make sure to include the shipping/billing address details. Please finalize your order by clicking on “Confirm Your Booking”.
To convert an existing reservation or quote into an order, please log in to your customer account and go to your reservation/quote. By clicking the shopping cart button, all your samples will be automatically transferred to your shopping cart and you will be able to select from different billing/shipping addresses and payment methods. Please finalize your order by clicking on “Confirm Your Booking”.