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Central BioHub’s mission is to empower researchers by providing access to a diverse and rigorously tested array of human biospecimen panels. These panels are not only a resource but also a catalyst for innovation in various fields including diagnostics, therapeutic development, and epidemiologic studies.

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Why Choose Central BioHub?

Predefined and Diverse Biospecimen Panels: Central BioHub offers an extensive range of predefined biospecimen panels that cater to specific research needs. Each panel comprises high-quality samples such as Serum, Plasma, FFPE Tissue, Urine, and more, meticulously curated to support your research endeavors. Whether you are working on assay validation, calibration of diagnostic tests, or population-based studies, our biospecimen panels provide the critical components necessary for accurate and reliable results.

Quality and Reliability: At Central BioHub, we ensure that each biospecimen is stored following stringent protocols. By choosing our biospecimen panels, researchers gain access to reliable, high-quality samples that are pivotal for successful experimental outcomes.

Customization and Flexibility: Understanding that each research project has unique requirements, we offer the flexibility to customize biospecimen panels according to specific research criteria and biomarkers. This personalized approach ensures that researchers get exactly what they need, saving valuable time and resources in the quest for scientific breakthroughs.

Supporting a Range of Research Applications: Central BioHub’s biospecimen panels are ideal for a multitude of research applications. From assay validation, which requires consistent and accurate samples for test verification, to population-based studies aimed at understanding the prevalence and impact of diseases within specific communities, our panels are designed to support diverse research objectives. Furthermore, they are invaluable in calibrating diagnostic test systems, ensuring that diagnostic tools operate with the highest possible accuracy and consistency.

Streamlined Procurement Process: We understand that time is of the essence in research. Central BioHub’s streamlined procurement process ensures that researchers have quick and easy access to necessary biospecimens. Our user-friendly platform allows for effortless browsing and ordering of biospecimen panels, ensuring that your research can proceed without unnecessary delays.

Researchers looking to harness the potential of high-quality human biospecimens in their studies will find a reliable partner in Central BioHub. We invite you to explore our diverse range of biospecimen panels and join us in our mission to advance human health through robust scientific research. Together, we can pave the way for new discoveries and improve global health standards.

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A panel offers multiple samples of frequently requested diagnoses or parameters at a special price. The panels are designed to e.g. monitor the diseases courses of a patient or arrange a test series including different patient and healthy donor samples.
Panel testing refers to a laboratory test procedure in which a series of tests is performed on a disease specimen for differential diagnosis.
Purchasing our panels make sample selection even easier! It saves precious time and all panels come at a special price offer. Let experienced professionals support you with your Design of Experiment.
Our inventory consists of numerous tested panels of various infectious diseases, COVID-19, chronic diseases, rheumatology, pregnancy, and more. Explore our inventory for more information on available samples.