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3rd Trimester

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The third trimester is the last stage of pregnancy. The female body is fully prepared for childbirth and may experience over-excitement and anxiety as the delivery date approaches. On the other hand, extreme care should be taken during the third trimester pregnancy to avoid complications during labor and to obtain positive neonatal outcomes.

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The 3rd trimester starts in week 29 and ends in week 40. During this period, the unborn baby will be fully grown with a fully functional organ. Developmentally, the baby will be ready for its first cry. Due to the limitation of clinical research on pregnant women, It is very challenging to treat any disease condition during pregnancy. Therefore, fostering in vitro research on pregnancy biospecimens is crucial for understanding the exact mechanism and physiological function. 

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The third trimester begins from the 28th week of pregnancy. This pregnancy trimester includes the time between the 28th and 40th week of pregnancy. The due date is at the end of the 40th week.
The brain, nervous system, and most organs mature and prepare the baby for life outside the mother. The baby turns into the birth position and develops the so-called lung maturity. From the 37th week, the baby would no longer be a preterm child, which means the birth can start at any time.
The 3rd trimester is the most strenuous pregnancy trimester for pregnant women. From the 28th week of gestation, the abdomen grows strongly once again, while the baby continually increases in size and weight. There are symptoms such as heartburn, back pain, sleep problems, shortness of breath, dizziness, frequent urination, and water retention.
A normal birth lasts between 4 and 18 hours and proceeds in 3 phases: The opening period, expulsion period with pressing phase, and the postpartum period. The opening phase is the time from the onset of labor to the complete opening of the cervix. The expulsion phase begins when the cervix is fully opened and ends with the delivery of the child. The discharge of the placenta is called the postpartum period.
Central BioHub provides serum samples isolated from consented donors, ideal for in-vitro biomedical research. The high-quality biospecimens are tested for pregnancy hormones like beta-HCG and stored at <-18 °C at our partners biobanks. The biosamples come with detailed information about the donors age, the week of pregnancy, and information on multiple pregnancies.