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Hundreds of Endometriosis Specimens

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Hundreds of Endometriosis Specimens Online

Endometriosis is a chronic, painful gynecological disorder significantly affecting the reproductive health of millions of women across the globe. It is an outward growth of the endometrial lining, where exact etiology is poorly understood. If left untreated, it can cause severe menstrual problems and infertility.Therefore it is paramount to strengthen research to discover newer endometriosis treatment and diagnostic methods.

Discover Endometriosis Samples for Research: 

Central BioHub presents the latest inventory of Endometriosis samples to improve the quality of life and recovery of patients. We provide high-quality, hyper-annotated human specimens collected from patients of different ages, gender, and ethnicities ideal for drug and diagnostic research and development.

Endometrioma Sample description:

  • Matrices: Serum, plasma, and urine

  • Available parameters: Clinical evaluation  profile and medical history

Maximizing the utility of human biospecimens, Central BioHub facilitates the easy procurement of endometriosis disease specimens (endometrioma samples) from biobanks across the globe. Our human biospecimen marketplace directly connects global biobanks to the researchers to procure endometriosis research samples as quickly as possible with complete clinical data. Every endometriosis patient sample is well preserved at our suppliers' biobanks with strict adherence to IRB guidelines and protocols.

Central BioHub is highly cautious about delivering the best services to the customers. Therefore, every order is processed with no waiting time with individualized care and attention to deliver the ordered samples to your location. Moreover, researchers can procure biosamples with complete assistance from our scientific experts at Central BioHub. Hurry up, explore our inventory today to reserve or to order endometriosis biospecimens or other gynecological disorders specimens. Also, explore advanced search options to order endometriosis urine, serum and plasma samples by clicking clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters.

Endometriosis refers to a gynaecological disease that occurs due to the outward growth of the endometrial lining of the uterus. It is an extremely painful chronic inflammatory condition characterized by severe menstrual cramps, heavy menstrual flow, pelvic pain, and pain during intercourse that can eventually lead to infertility or difficulty in conceiving.
Central BioHub offer wide range of endometriosis biospecimens exclusively for research and development. We offer a curated collection of well-defined, hyper-annotated human urine, serum and plasma samples from patients diagnosed with endometriosis. The samples are precisely measured for Beta-Human Chorionic gonadotropin, Cancer antigen 125, Lactate dehydrogenase levels, etc and are preserved at our partners biobank
Endometriosis has substantial social, economic, and public health effects. Millions of women are diagnosed with endometriosis every year affecting the reproductive health of patients. Due to extreme pain, exhaustion, melancholy, anxiety, and infertility, it might lower quality of life.
You can order endometriosis biospecimens such as serum, plasma, and urine samples directly from our website in a few steps. Browse our inventory and select your matching research samples you are looking for, add them to the cart, login into your customer account for the payment and check-out process. You will receive an order confirmation instantly to your registered E mail ID. The ordered samples will be delivered to your location at the earliest.