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Order Allergy Samples Online

An allergic reaction is a condition when an individual’s immune system overreacts to the substances known as allergens. During the spring season, tiny pollen grains are produced and released from the grass, plants, and trees. Inhaling these pollen triggers seasonal allergies in people. Common allergens include dust, grass, pollen, weeds, animal dander, insects, food ingredients, microbes, drugs, etc. Symptoms of allergies to food, insects, animals, and pollen are often mild to moderate, but they are still difficult to manage and interfere with normal life. On the other hand, severe allergic reactions, called anaphylaxis, can be fatal and require immediate medical care to save the patient’s life. Therefore, intensive research is essential to discover newer medications and treatments to deal with allergies.  

Get High-Quality Allergy Samples for Research and Development

Are you searching for highly annotated allergic human biospecimens to intensify your medical discovery? Central BioHub is a trusted partner that can accomplish your research and development needs in a few clicks. Central BioHub offers an extensive range of clinically graded human biospecimens collected from patients with allergy symptoms located all around the globe. We provide a full range of thousands of allergic biosamples in different forms of matrices like serum and plasma that have been tested for the presence of specific allergic antigens or antibodies.

Insight into the Allergy Biospecimens we offer:

  • Matrices: Serum and plasma

  • Allergens tested: Tree, weed, grass, pollen, animal dander, food substances, insect venoms, microbes, dust, and mite.

  • Available details: Detailed clinical profile, RAST class, medical history.

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Also, explore advanced search options to procure allergic human samples for clinical research by browsing,  clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters.   

Order biospecimens online.

Allergy samples are termed as human biospecimens collected from patients diagnosed with different types of allergies. Central BioHub offers a new collection of serum and plasma which is also RAST class tested.
Allergens are foreign substances in the human body to which the individual’s immune system overreacts leading to an allergic reaction.
RAST (Radio-Allergo-Sorbent-Test) is a laboratory test which is performed to measure the amount of allergen-specific IgE antibodies in human blood.
Researchers around the world can easily buy human allergy biospecimens online from Central BioHub in just a few clicks. Browse our online inventory of allergy samples by applying the search filters, then select your desired samples and add them to your cart. Login to your customer account further and proceed to payment and checkout. You will receive an order confirmation from Central BioHub and the samples will be shipped to you within 4 to 7 business days.