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Plasma Samples Paxgene and Norgen

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Preservative tubes for plasma such as PAXGene and Norgen preservation tubes play a pivotal role in biomedical research, as they prolong the lifespan of blood samples and preserve their biological integrity, hence enhancing the quality of our biospecimens. They are commonly used in disease studies, to discover biomarkers and when studying the body's response to therapeutics.

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With the advent of precision medicine, plasma samples have gained even more importance as they contain circulating-free DNA (cfDNA) and RNA, which provide deep insights into genetic mutations and gene expression patterns without the need for invasive biopsies. Therefore, preservation of the integrity of these samples is crucial for accurate analysis. Central BioHub is thrilled to provide researchers with plasma samples stored in PAXgene and Norgen tubes, which provide  effective long-time storage.

The PAXgene Blood ccfDNA Tube is a specialized plastic, evacuated tube designed for the collection, storage, and transport of human blood and for the stabilization of DNA. It ensures the isolation of circulating cell-free DNA from plasma and/or genomic DNA from a nucleated cellular fraction. These tubes are instrumental in preserving the quality and quantity of cfDNA, which is essential for applications such as liquid biopsies and next-generation sequencing.

On the other hand, Norgen tubes are engineered for the preservation of both cf-DNA and cf-RNA. These tubes can maintain the preserved state of cf-DNA and cf-RNA for up to 30 days at ambient temperature, which is particularly advantageous for samples that need to be transported over long distances or stored for extended periods before processing. The Norgen tubes also preserve circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for up to 14 days at ambient temperature, which can be crucial in cancer research and therapy monitoring.

Moreover, the Norgen tubes feature a formaldehyde-free preservative, preventing cross-linking of DNA that can interfere with downstream applications. They also prevent the apoptosis of blood cells and fragmentation of genomic DNA, ensuring the integrity of the samples. The tubes are designed to prevent hemolysis, which can release intracellular DNA into plasma and confound the results of cfDNA analyses.

Both PAXgene and Norgen tubes are designed to prevent the degradation of vital plasma samples, facilitating high-quality research, and enabling more accurate diagnostic procedures. With Central BioHub’s online marketplace providing access to plasma samples preserved in these tubes, researchers and clinicians can obtain the high-quality biospecimens they need for their work, advancing our understanding of human health and disease.

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PAXgene and Norgen tubes are specially designed containers used for the collection, storage, and transport of human blood samples. They are essential for preserving the integrity of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA), RNA, and genomic DNA in research and diagnostic applications.
Yes, Norgen tubes are designed to preserve cfDNA and cfRNA simultaneously. They can keep nucleic acids stable for up to 30 days at ambient temperature, making them ideal for global sample shipment.
PAXgene and Norgen tubes are specifically designed to stabilize nucleic acids within blood samples. These tubes have features to prevent haemolysis and apoptosis, ensuring high-quality samples for research.