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Small Volume Samples

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Central BioHub's Small Volume Samples are a testament to our commitment to precision in biospecimens. Drawn and processed with scientific rigor, these samples offer researchers the ability to conduct experiments with smaller quantities without compromising on quality and reliability.

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Our Small Volume Samples cater to the diverse landscape of medical research applications and empower researchers with the versatility needed for a range of experiments.

Central BioHub's Small Volume Samples transcend the conventional notion of biospecimens; they represent a paradigm shift in biomedical research.

Unveil the rich composition of plasma, discover diverse biomarkers in serum, extract metabolic insights from urine, unravel genetic revelations within whole blood, and explore the unique qualities of saliva. Upholding the same ethical standards and commitment to quality assurance as our medium volume and large volume counterparts, Central BioHub guarantees that your research journey with small volume samples is marked by precision, reliability, and ethical integrity.

Explore advanced search options for procuring small volume samples by clicking clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters.

Central BioHub Small Volume Samples are meticulously designed at affordable prices to provide precision without compromising on quality. Our diverse range, including serum, urine, whole blood, plasma, and saliva, caters to the unique needs of researchers requiring smaller quantities for their experiments.
Central BioHub Small Volume Samples find applications across various research domains. From identifying biomarkers in serum to exploring genetic insights in whole blood, our samples are versatile, ensuring they meet the specific requirements of your research endeavours.
Central BioHub upholds the same commitment to quality assurance in our small volume Samples as we do in our medium and large volume counterparts. Each sample, whether it is serum, urine, whole blood, plasma, or saliva, undergoes rigorous testing to ensure accuracy and reliability for your research.