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In modern medical practice, urine test or urine analysis is an important tool for the accurate diagnosis, treatment and assessment of a patient's clinical condition. Unlike blood testing, urine sample analysis is non-invasive, less costly, and easy to perform.

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Human urine is a metabolic biofluid produced by the body carrying plenty of physiological and pathological information about the body. It is one of the trusted routine laboratory investigations with high test sensitivity and specificity. Leveraging advanced biomedical research worldwide, Central BioHub offers a wide array of tested human urine samples isolated from diseased individuals and healthy donors. All urine samples we offer are clean catch main-stream urine samples ideal for research and development. Explore our latest inventory of human urine samples and secure superior quality research samples from Central BioHub. 

Composition of Human Urine

Human urine is a concentrated fluid produced by the kidneys to remove toxins and nitrogenous waste materials from the bloodstream. It is the byproduct of glomerular filtration, tubular reabsorption, and secretion. Human urine comprises predominantly water (95%) and nitrogenous waste products (5%) such as urea, creatinine, ammonia, uric acid, and traces of inorganic salts and pigments. It is a highly concentrated excretory fluid flushed from the human body via the ureter and urethra. Usually, a healthy human can void 1.5 to 2 ml/kg per hour urine. Any fluctuation in the standard urine composition urine volume, while examination of the urine samples indicates any disease or disorder. Therefore, analysis and examination of urine samples are among the most reliable tools for diagnosing diseases and patient monitoring.

Applications of Urine Test Samples

In modern medical practice and biomedical research, urine analysis samples plays a crucial role. General urine examination can transfer lot of information on the general health status of the patients. Urine samples collected from patients and disease suspects is widely recommended and practised from decades. Unlike blood tests, urine specimen collection does not require skilled or experienced personnel sample collection. Also, urine analysis is a non-invasive testing method causing no pain to patients and is relatively simple to perform. Moreover, it is one of the most convenient laboratory tests for the patient, as urine specimen collection is easy to perform. Urine collection can be done easily in a clean collection container by the patient.  The current application of urine routine test or urine sample testing includes:

  • Diagnosis of disease

  • Pregnancy detection

  • Infections on the urinary system such as cystitis, pyelonephritis, urinary tract infection, urosepsis

  • Urine based malaria diagnostic testing

  • Monitoring of patients with diseases, especially kidney diseases

  • Urine drug testing for rational usage of the drug

  • Clinical research and drug development

  • Clinical toxicity studies

  • Research and development of newer diagnostics.

Strengthening more innovative research on clean catch urine samples can discover newer grounds where urine specimens can guide future diagnosis and treatment. Explore our inventory of clean catch urine (pee) samples collected from disease state and healthy donors (controls) exclusively for research and development.

An Insight into Human Urine Samples We Offer

Central BioHub is an innovative E-marketplace for buying and selling high-quality human biospecimens. We leverage our expertise in assimilating real-time banked biospecimens in an advanced data-driven online platform. Life science research across the globe can procure their intended clinical research samples within no waiting time.

Partnered with an extensive global clinical network of human biobanks, Central BioHub provides access to thousands of human urine samples and patient urine samples for research purposes. We offer urine samples ethically sourced from consented healthy donors and patients of different ages, gender and ethnicities. Each urine specimen is rigorously tested for routine physiological, urine microscopy, pathological investigations and preserved below -18 degrees Celsius at our suppliers biobank. Besides, urine tests for infections or urine culture are also performed. Maintaining strict adherence to every safety protocol and procedure, Central BioHub processes urine samples as per CDC guidelines, approved IRB protocols, and declaration of Helsinki and Taipei. Moreover, our customers can reserve samples or create a quote to procure urine specimens for research by simply registering as a customer with us. For more information on available clinical research samples, we are happy to assist you - contact us now.

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