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An End To End Solution for Cancer Research Biospecimen Needs

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An End To End Solution for Cancer Research Biospecimen Needs

Cancer is a serious condition characterized by the rapid, uncontrollable growth and proliferation of cells in the body to form a mass of tissues called solid tumors. The rapidly multiplying cells can also spread to other body parts invading healthy tissues and causing neoplasm. In the case of cancer, cells of the human body behave differently because of genetic mutations. Cancer is now one of the leading causes of medical mortality, claiming the lives of millions of people. However, early diagnosis and treatment with specific oncotherapeutic agents can slow the progression of the disease and, in some cases, provide a permanent cure. However, a solid understanding of the cancer cell type, characteristics, disease staging, and cancer growth is paramount for evidence-based clinical decision-making. On the other hand, it is crucial to strengthen clinical cancer research to discover novel therapeutics and diagnostics for cancer prognosis, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Today, human biospecimens such as serum, plasma, cells, and tissues collected from cancer patients play a pivotal role in leading translational research in oncology. 


Obtain Cancer Research Samples for Your Next Research Project

Offering millions of high-quality human biosamples for online procurement, Central BioHub continues to be the world’s most comprehensive biospecimen provider. Leading translational and precision medicine research on cancer treatment options, we offer unprecedented access to thousands of  Cancer tissue samples collected from patients diagnosed with different cancer stages. We have an extensive inventory of cancer samples carefully collected from cancer patients of every age, gender, and ethnicity with full compliance with ethical guidelines and available with comprehensive cancer details. Our oncology biospecimens comprise:

  • Blood specimens - including human serum and plasma samples collected from cancer patients in different stages; conscientiously measured for cancer-antigen 19-9 (CA 19-9), cancer-antigen 125 (CA 125), carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), and prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

  • Tumor tissue biospecimens- fresh frozen tissue samples and FFPE tissue blocks obtained from cancer patients during biopsy or surgical procedure. The tumor tissue samples are tested for genetic mutations like HER-2 receptor, estrogen receptor, and progesterone receptor.

Every cancer tissue sample is hyper-annotated with sample characteristics and a complete clinical profile with details on diagnosis, concurrent illness, staging, and anticancer therapy undertaken. Moreover, FFPE samples are well preserved at state-of-the-art human biorepositories in sterile conditions to preserve sample integrity. Check out our inventory of cancer patient samples and  FFPE tissue to learn more information and to place orders. We assure the fastest procurement of human biospecimens through our online marketplace with the speedy delivery of ordered specimens. Also, explore advanced search options to order cancer patient samples by clicking clinical diagnosis, ICD-10-CM codes, and laboratory parameters.