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The uniqueness and individuality of each human being underscore the importance of advancing translational, and precision medicine research focused on human cells. Cytology, also referred to as human cell biology or human cell research, is a scientific discipline dedicated to analyzing and manipulating human cells. This field plays a critical role in diagnosing, screening, and studying various diseases, such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, and rare medical conditions. For this purpose, human cells are typically extracted from bodily fluids like urine, tissue scrapings from cervical smears or biopsies, fine-needle aspirations, and cerebrospinal fluid tapping to facilitate disease diagnosis, monitoring, and research. Our inventory of cytology samples features a diverse range of high-quality cell products, including peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), blood cell isolates such as B and t cells and other types of human cells essential for experimental research aimed at developing next-generation therapeutics and diagnostic tools.

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Research on human cell biology is critical to track the exact mechanism of disease onset and progression, typically for diseases such as cancer, congenital disorders, immunological diseases, etc. To advance cytological research, Central BioHub offers 2000+ human cell products with high viability and purity exclusively for research use. We offer highly annotated PBMC and T cells and B cells available in stock for purchase.

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We facilitate the researchers to order suitable study specimens from their desks anywhere in the world. Each sample request is promptly handled, and the samples are transported to your institution with the highest care. A revolution in biomedical research is being brought about by Central BioHub- A leading online human biospecimen marketplace. For further information about human cell biospecimens, please visit us at

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Immunity refers to the bodys ability to defend against disease acquisition and pathogen invasion to disrupt an individuals normal functioning and well-being. There are three types of Immunity. ? Innate Immunity ? Adaptive Immunity or acquired Immunity ? Passive Immunity
It includes B cells ethically collected from self-reported healthy donors and patients for research and development. We offer a meticulous collection of clinically graded, hyper-annotated, well-preserved B cells specimens critically examined for quality to ensure diagnostic excellence.
Extensive research on human immunology require human specimens collected from different individuals. The human immune system consistently exhibits significant inter-individual variations. Therefore, wide ranges of genetically variable human samples are prerequisites for a breakthrough in immunological research.
Central BioHub offers thousands of human cell specimens for research. It includes, PBMC, t cells and B cells isolated from blood samples and richly annotated with patient information. Check out our inventory online for orders, quotations, and reservations