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Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood in human body that plays a vital role in transporting blood components all over the body. It makes up the most considerable portion of blood. At the same time analysis of circulating plasma biomarkers can be an active pointer to assessing an individual's health condition. In modern medical research, human plasma research is inevitable. Therefore, it is a promising tool for elucidating prognosis, diagnosis, therapeutic monitoring, and developing novel therapeutics and diagnostic research.

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Sample Insights:

Matrix: Human plasma

Sample type: Disease state and healthy donor samples

Tested parameters: Disease-specific plasma biomarkers

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Accelerating human plasma research, Central Bio Hub brings millions of human plasma samples ethically collected from patients and healthy voluntary donors of different ages, gender, and ethnicity. Researchers can easily procure available human plasma samples from our inventory through our online human biospecimen marketplace.
Human plasma refers to the liquid content of the blood in human body which transports cells, proteins, hormones, and vitamins all over the body. Laboratory testing on human plasma plays a significant role in accurate diagnosis and assessing the health condition of an individual
You can order human plasma samples directly from our website in a few steps. Browse our inventory and select your matching research samples you are looking for, add them to the cart, login into your customer account for the payment and check-out process. You will receive an order confirmation instantly to your registered E-mail ID. The ordered samples will be delivered to your location at the earliest.
Blood plasma helps to circulate blood and products like hormones, proteins and nutrients to various body parts. It helps in detoxifies or eliminates nitrogenous waste products that form after cell metabolism. Since it carries abundant vital proteins for maintaining bloods osmotic pressure, plasma is critical for maintaining the human bodys homeostasis. This plasma protein includes antibodies, coagulation factor, globulin, albumin and fibrinogen. Nowadays, plasma is widely used in research and treating various diseases conditions such as haemophilia, autoimmune diseases, burns and trauma.